100 million users and counting: How FanCode’s digging deep into sports streaming

May 17, 2024

In 5 years, FanCode has built a user base of 100 million: Yannick ColacoIn 2019, Yannick Colaco and Prasana Krishnan launched digital platform FanCode (under the Dream Sports umbrella that has Dream11 as its flagship company), to be a one-stop destination for sports fans like themselves. In five years, the sports streaming and merchandising platform has been able to break the clutter in the crowded and competitive market by recording over 100 million users. It has also inked streaming deals with key stakeholders like F1, the West Indies Cricket Board and the hockey and the rugby World Cups. In the latest episode of Sports UnLtd, Colaco charts FanCode’s journey over the past five years and shares its scaling-up strategy over the next five.

The co-founder of the digital sports streaming platform speaks about striking deals with key stakeholders like F1 and PGA, the opportunity of going deeper into other sports, and building a scalable product