The emperor buys clothes: Dream11’s US$250M moat with Dream Capital

May 31, 2022

With over 130 million users and a profit of US$42 million, Dream11 is the undisputed fantasy sports leader in India. But with regulatory challenges in the country, diversification is essential to parent Dream Sports’ growth and security. It’s time for an investment into the future

Dream Sports booked a seat on the venture capital table with a US$250 million bet after launching the Dream Capital corpus in August 2021

The corpus was formed as the gaming sector heated up in India, attracting a cool US$1.6 billion in funding in the first three quarters of 2021


Dream Sports wants to build a sports conglomerate with its investments, as it looks to spread its revenue eggs across baskets

But it has to fend off well-funded VCs on the way. Diversification is not just essential to Dream Sports’ growth—it may also ensure its survival

In April, ​​cricket-focused NFT platform Rario caused a flutter when it raised US$120 million. The Series A funding round was led by Dream Capital, the venture-capital arm of the US$8 billion-valued Dream Sports, one of India’s biggest and most successful gaming companies.