Yannick’s interview with InsideSport talking about FanCode’s business objectives

August 10, 2019

FanCode aims to unlock full potential of sports digital space: Yannick Colaco

FanCode is not an OTT player that will think of competing with sports streaming market leaders like Hotstar and SonyLIV. Nor is it a sports gaming platform to match the offerings of a Dream11, its parent company, or MyTeam11. It is also not a standalone sports news platform on the lines of Cricinfos or Sportskeedas. FanCode also does not function like Sportz Interactive to provide data analytics.

The ad-free multi-sport aggregator is rather an initiative to get all these offerings on a single platform by collaborating withrights holders, content creators, broadcasters and other sports-related business players to provide sports fans an in-depth access to all a fan can look forward to in digital sphere.

Coming from the stable of India’s first unicorn fantasy sports platform Dream11, FanCode also aims to provide sports digital content consumers insights and analysis in various sports domains.

Fancode Chief Business Officer Yannick Colaco in an interview with Insidesport.co shared vision and plans of the integrated sports content platform.

InsideSport:  What does FanCode offer to sports lovers?

Yannick Colaco: FanCode is a multi-sport aggregator platform for every sports fan offering a wide spectrum of content, commerce and community engagement. Currently, FanCode offers sports news, live match scores, research-based insights, fantasy sports statistics, expert fantasy advice, in-depth game analysis and live match streaming, all on a single platform. There is a significant amount of sports content that the avid fan wants to consume but doesn’t have access to. FanCode aims to provide a platform for fans to access in-depth coverage of multiple sports and also enhance the distribution of mainstream sports content.

IS: What are your targeted client groups?

YC: We’re looking to partner with rights holders, content creators, broadcasters and other sports-related businesses in providing great digital sports consumption experiences for avid sports fans.

IS: Is it safe to say FanCode is an OTT platform from the Dream11 stable that will be competing with the likes of Hotstar and SonyLIV.

YC: FanCode is not an OTT platform. We are a multi-sport aggregator platform that will provide sports fans with a holistic sports consumption experience. While video streaming is our latest offering, it is one of many services that we provide and continue to develop for our users including live match scores, in-depth game analysis, expert fantasy advice research-based insights and much more. We are looking forward to collaborating with various stakeholders in the sports ecosystem, including OTT services, to deliver a holistic consumption experience to our users.

IS: How is Fantasy Expert different than Dream11 fantasy games?

YC: FanCode provides a platform for our users to get access to insights and analysis from experts in various sports domains. These insights include advisory and research around fantasy gaming, which our users can choose for informed decision making while playing fantasy sports on any gaming platform, including Dream11.

IS: How does it complement and supplement the parent brand Dream11, if at all it does?

YC: FanCode is an independent brand and provides a different consumer service for sports fans. We aim to provide sports fans with a holistic sports consumption experience which includes sports news, live match scores, research-based insights, fantasy sports statistics, in-depth game analysis and live match streaming. Along with the growth of sports fans in India, we’ve also seen exponential growth in sports fans playing fantasy sport. Some of our services like research and analysis, news, match reports, video content etc assist these sports enthusiasts in playing fantasy sports on any platform they choose to play on.

IS: What is the key sports content you will be offering? Share details about LIVE and curated content people can look forward to on FANCODE!

YC: At the heart of everything, we are a technology company. We will play to our strengths and aim to unlock the full potential of digital in providing sports fans with a great consumption experience. This will include an extremely personalised experience, innovation in the way content is presented as well as a whole lot of interactive features which avid sports fans crave for. From a content perspective, we currently have multi-sports content across cricket, football, kabaddi and basketball. Sports fans can expect more in-depth coverage of these sports as well as an expansion into other sports in the near term.

IS: As per your claims, the app in a short span of time has over 10 million downloads. What is the realistic target and what will you be offering to the new audience.

YC: Right now our focus is on building outstanding user experience by applying the full breadth of technology. There are about 800 million sports fans in India and about 300 million online sports fans, so the potential in scale is tremendous.

IS: How does no commercial break concept work?

YC: FanCode is an ad-free platform, so there are no pop-up ads or banner ads that you see while using the app. At this stage, we believe in providing a seamless and immersive experience to avid sports fans without the irritant of cluttered digital advertising.

IS: You have been a seasoned pro. How is the present role with a “startup” different than running an established brand like NBA?

YC: I’ve had the good fortune of working with great companies and outstanding people in an industry that I’m very passionate about. I’ve always wanted to take on an entrepreneurial role and build something from the ground up, particularly in solving a need for avid sports fans, a group of which I include myself in. Prasana Krishnan (Chief Business Officer, Fancode) and I had been discussing this project for a few months, when it came up in an unrelated conversation with Harsh Jain and Bhavit Seth (Co-Founders of Dream11), we realised that we all had a similar vision for what we wanted to do in this space.

The FanCode journey has been fun and I’m very excited about what we’re building.

Launched in April this year, Fancode app in less than six months has over 1 crore downloads and the digital platform is the official fantasy research partner of seven of the eight Indian Premier League partners except Royal Challenger Bangalore