5G: Expanding the reach of fantasy sports beyond India’s metros

Technology is the cornerstone of development in India. The pace of growth and scope of innovation is strong and benefits are being reaped by both established and sunrise industries like gaming and sports technology. 

We are looking for talent that can bridge the gap between business and technical goals – CTO, Dream11

A cross-section of gaming industry leaders speak about how candidates can prepare to enter the gaming industry and which job roles are in demand.

यूनिकॉर्न ड्रीम्स:IPL शुरू हुआ तो आया Dream 11 का आइडिया; फुटबॉल में फैंटसी, तो क्रिकेट में क्यों नहीं

क्रिकेट में दिलचस्पी रखने वालों के लिए Dream 11 कोई नई चीज नहीं है। देश की पहली क्रिकेट फैंटसी कंपनी, पहली गेमिंग यूनिकॉर्न। आज दुनियाभर की फैंटसी कंपनियों में टॉप पर है।

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Exclusive | We’ve run our business with the idea that it should always be profitable: Dream11’s Bhavit Sheth

The fantasy sports platform, one of India’s most valuable startups, grew its user base to more than 135 million-odd users, adding around 12-13 million in the just-concluded IPL.

Inside Dream11 office, sports is a way of work and life

The company’s new workspace in Mumbai looks at sports as a metaphor beyond the branding and visual element, translating it to individual well-being

Employee-focused policies take centrestage at startups

Startups are going the extra mile to change how staid old corporate culture works.


‘We implemented data-driven engineering with ML, AI and analytics across all our brands at Dream Sports very early in our automation journey’, said Sharma